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Awake Ravik 3 Electric Jet Surfboard (ETA late-2022)

The Awake RÄVIK 3 is the third generation of Awake's electric surfboards, the perfect blend of cruising and race. Awake your next adventure!

The dynamic rocker, centered point-of-buoyancy, and narrow tail of the Awake RÄVIK 3 combine balanced riding characteristics with agile race capabilities so that you don't need to compromise!

  • Wireless hand controller: the second-generation, wireless Awake hand controller has improved ergonomics, is more intuitive, and has the signature dynamite grip. The thumb-controlled throttle on the hand controller makes it possible to precisely adjust and control the speed.
  • Less noise: Awake has completely updated the electric speed controller (ESC). As a result, their boards utilize the power in the batteries more efficiently, meaning they are even quieter.
  • Higher efficiency: Awake has improved the motor and impeller to make the drivetrain even more efficient. This means you’ll use less energy - meaning more carves and longer rides!
  • Extreme acceleration: the new ESC’s efficiency capabilities take the already market-leading acceleration of our Awake Boards to the next level. Together with the instant throttle response on the 2nd generation hand controller, you are able to reach an awe-inspiring 50 kph in 4 seconds!
  • V-shaped hull: the V-shaped hull is designed to maximize stability and balance, while also being able to do those aggressive turns.
$30,699.00 $26,899.00

Australian dollars, inclusive of duties, taxes, card fees, delivery charges, Australian local support and Australian warranty.

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When developing the third generation of Awake's electric surfboards, Awake sought to combine the learnings from their previous models with both client and partner feedback, to create an amazing board that is perfect for action as well as cruising. The RÄVIK 3 is a board to grow with.

PLEASE NOTE: The Awake RÄVIK 3 is expected to be available in Australia from late-2022. Subscribe to updates to find out more information as we get closer to the release date. 



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Model Price*
Awake RAVIK 3 Standard Battery Edition $26,899
Awake RAVIK 3 XR Battery Edition (+50% runtime) $32,299


* Pricing is indicative only, based on manufacturer RRP plus shipping converted to A$, duties and taxes. Prices are updated periodically, please contact us for a customised quotation based on today's exchange rate.



LENGTH  179 cm

WIDTH  62 cm


WEIGHT INCL BATT  40 kg (44kg with XR battery)

POWER  11,000 W

SPEED  Max 57 km/h for most riders

ACCELERATION  0-50 kph in 4 seconds

RUNTIME  15-30 minutes

CHARGING TIME  1.5 hours with a standard charger (2 hours for the XR battery)


MAX RIDER WEIGHT  Great performance even for 100+ kg riders

WARRANTY  1 year



Awake's boards look futuristic, beautiful and FAST

Generation 3 - the next step in an evolving category; the Awake RÄVIK 3 is the culmination of everything we’ve learned making high-performance electric surfboards, and a lifetime spent on the water; a board that’s perfect for both cruising and racing.

It’s quieter with improved acceleration, an improved motor, and an even more intuitive hand controller.

Combine all that with a completely new hull construction and design, and you have a board ready to provide extreme thrills or something a little more relaxed; whatever you choose - you’ll have fun out there.


The board for the true adventurer; "We took everything we had learned from our two existing models to create the Awake RÄVIK 3. This is for those who are passionate about adventurous action water sports, and want to enjoy it with family and friends without sacrificing that exhilarating racing feeling you get with the Awake RÄVIK S." -- Daniel Aronsson, CEO, Awake Boards


Agility for quick turns; the Awake RÄVIK 3 is for riders who enjoy cruising and racing.

The narrow tail combined with the dynamic rocker, and a new weight balance allow sharp turns and carving with superior stability.


 Balance with the new V-shaped hull; building on Awake's revolutionary hull designs, the new V-shaped hull together with a higher buoyancy factor provide stability and balance at high and low speeds.


 Versatility - cruising and action; the design developments Awake has implemented on the rocker, the V-shaped hull, and the narrow tail combined with a more centered point-of-gravity means the Awake RÄVIK 3 displays outstanding versatile possibilities on the water.



Ride Awake




Product is Out of Stock

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