Wavez Flush Adapter and Hose Fitting for Kymera Electric Jet Body Board


Flushing your Kymera after use is a MUST!

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This is a flush adapter and hose fitting for flushing the cooling lines on your Kymera at the end of the day.

Cooling lines should be flushed with fresh water on very low pressure – the water should just be bubbling from the end of the adapter.

Kymeras which are not flushed at the end of the day can block the cooling lines or eBox cooling plates with silt, sand or salt.

Kymeras which burst their cooling plates due to the buildup of debris will flood the eBox with water, likely requiring replacement of the eBox.

This flush adapter is cheap but critical to your Kymera’s longevity.


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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm