2019 SUPjet Electric Paddle Board


2019 SUPjet Electric Paddle Board


Traditional SUP styling with motor assisted cruising

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The new polycarbonate composite SUPjet is both a quality SUP and an electrically powered watercraft. Whether you want an extra boost, or just want to sit back and relax, you simply push a button and the built in jet drive will move you along at 8 kph for 2+ hours.

The emission-free motor is directly mounted in a pocket on the bottom of the board, so there is virtually no drag when not in use. A guard panel covers the pocket so that there is no risk of propeller strikes. The detachable battery pack fits into a hatch on the top of the board, and when you want to recharge the pack you simply unlatch it from the board and charge it using the included charger.

The board itself is constructed from high quality CNC cut EPS foam and covered with a polycarbonate shell making this board extremely resistant to impacts and scratches!  It comes with an ankle leash and twin back fins. The power button also doubles as an ankle strap anchor with a uniquely designed magnetic shut-off switch that stops the drive system should you fall off.


Why we love it

The SUPjet is beautiful! It looks just like other SUPs, but you’re hiding a secret! The motor gives you that bit of extra punch to cruise across the lake with the breeze in your hair, or catch that elusive wave! It’s great for beginner SUP surfers, too!

And the simple but robust design of the motor, battery and switch make for a product which is safe, easy to maintain, and will give you many years of trouble-free operation.



Although we don’t currently have stock of the SUPjet, SUPjets are usually in stock at the manufacturer’s warehouse, ready to ship to Australia right now and be on your doorstep in less than 6 weeks.



We ship boards by sea, which usually takes 4-6 weeks. Due to the large size of the boards and the fact that the batteries are lithium, shipping by air is complex and expensive. This complexity can result in air freight costing twice as much as sea freight and actually take longer to send than by sea! So we recommend placing a deposit now to ensure that your board arrives with time to spare 🙂


What’s in the package?

  • 200W SUPjet standup paddle board
  • Lithium battery in custom waterproof enclosure
  • Battery charger
  • Fin set
  • Leash with battery cut-off
  • Owner’s manuals



Model SUPjet Electric Standup Paddle Board
Power Output 0.2kW / 200W / 0.3HP
Top Speed Up to 8kph (depending on rider weight)
Max Run Time 2+ hours
Max Rider Weight 150kg
Power Source Fast-swap removable waterproof 12V lithium battery
Recharge Time 4 hours from empty to full charge with included mains charger
Dimensions 320cm L x 86cm W x 20cm H
Board Weight 19.95kg (board) + 3kg (battery)
Colour Blue/white with grey deck padding
Materials EPS foam, epoxy resin and polycarbonate shell
Jet Unit Brushless electric motor
Safety Ankle cut-off lanyard
Warranty One-year parts and labour at a local Wavez-approved service centre in your Australian state or territory
Standard Inclusions Board, battery, battery charger, fins, leash, owner’s manuals
Recommended Buyers Water lovers who love the traditional SUP styling and want to chill for hours 🙂
Operator’s License Requirements NOT required in NSW, NT, QLD & WA. May be required in SA, TAS & VIC.
Vessel Registration Requirements NOT required in NSW, NT & QLD. May be required in SA, TAS, VIC & WA.
IMPORTANT: The licensing and registration requirements are GUIDANCE ONLY. Always verify for yourself as rules change frequently and this information may already be out of date! We do our best to keep up with changes, but we don’t make the rules.



Please use your SUPjet in accordance with all applicable local laws, rules and regulations (if any), which may include registration and licensing.

Please ensure that you follow the simple use and maintenance instructions in the SUPjet User’s manual. Failure to properly maintain your equipment may result in damage and void your warranty.


Rental Use

Great idea! We have some fantastic partnership opportunities on offer, giving you a fantastic discount on the board and batteries, priority support, priority access to inventory, priority upgrades, shared marketing materials, a rental operator community and a lot of experience from other established rental partnerships, in return for a small share of revenue. You’d be crazy not to get in touch with us!

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 320 × 86 × 20 cm
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