Scubajet Electric Jet Drive for Paddle Board

6 kg
60 × 40 × 20 cm
ScubaJet Battery Type:


ScubaJet Finbox Adapter Type:





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Buy with confidence from Wavez, an authorised reseller for the Scubajet range of products based in Sydney, NSW.  Wavez Pty Ltd has been a specialist in electric water sports equipment since 2014 – early days for this industry!

Both SJ200s and SJ400s are now in stock and are shipping to customers across Australia.


What’s in the box?

  • 1kW jet unit
  • 200Wh (2x100Wh in a single enclosure) lithium battery
  • Wireless remote and repeater bundle (BOTH are required to control a Scubajet!)
  • Fin box adapter – longboard/US fin box (usually for rigid boards) or Slide-In fin box (usually for inflatables)
  • Blank nose cone (LED lamp nose cones can be purchased separately)
  • Nose cone removal tool
  • Battery charger and charging dock
  • Owner’s manuals (digital copy)



ModelScubajet SJ200 Electric Jet Drive
Power OutputUp to 1kW (variable output)
Top SpeedUp to 8kph (depending on rider weight and vessel)
Max Run TimeUp to 100 mins
Max Rider WeightNo limit, but performance depends on rider weight
Power SourceRemovable 22.2V lithium batteries
Recharge TimeAround 3 hours from empty to full charge with included mains charger
Dimensions435mm L x 80mm W x 90mm H
Weight1.7kg base unit + 1.2kg battery
MaterialsAluminium and plastic
Jet UnitBrushless electric motor
SafetyDive adapter trigger must be depressed to activate or wireless controller within range
WarrantyOne-year parts and labour at a Wavez-approved service centre
Standard InclusionsJet unit, battery, battery charger, owner’s manuals
Recommended BuyersWater lovers who want the versatility of a product which can be swapped between toys 🙂
Operator’s License and Vessel Registration RequirementsNOT required for the Scubajet, however, please ensure that you consider whether the watercraft you attach it to will require licensing or registration if it becomes a motorised vessel.
IMPORTANT: The licensing and registration requirements are GUIDANCE ONLY. Always verify for yourself as rules change frequently and this information may already be out of date! We do our best to keep up with changes, but we don’t make the rules.



Are you unsure whether to get the SJ200 or the SJ400, since you can see the benefit of both?  Now you can have both!

You can purchase either an SJ200 or and SJ400 package, and purchase an additional SJ tube and battery.  You can then change between the SJ200 tube and 200Wh battery and the SJ400 tube and 400Wh battery as you need!  We’ll provide easy to follow instructions and away you go!



Please use your Scubajet in accordance with all applicable local laws, rules and regulations (if any), which may include registration and licensing, especially when attached to a registerable vessel.

Please ensure that you follow the simple use and maintenance instructions in the Scubajet User’s manual. Failure to properly maintain your equipment may result in damage and void your warranty.


International Shipping

We would be happy to ship a Scubajet to you around the World!  Because it contains lithium ion batteries, shipping can be complicated, so the locations to which we ship can be restrictive, and costs can vary.  Please check with us.  Whilst we do out best to provide accurate pricing, if you buy online through this website for shipping overseas, the price charged for shipping may be different to the final quote from the shipping carrier.  We will come back to you to pay the difference before we ship.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused, but we don’t make the rules, and we won’t charge you more for shipping than it costs us.

Rental Opportunities

Great idea!  Whether you’re looking to convert your current range of watercraft to electric, add new electric watercraft to your range, or start up a brand new exclusive rental business in your area, we can provide a fantastic license model to help get you up and running fast!


Additional information

6 kg
60 × 40 × 20 cm
ScubaJet Battery Type


ScubaJet Finbox Adapter Type