Scubajet Pro

The Scubajet Pro is finally out and getting great reviews!

A major upgrade on the first Scubajet, the brand new Scubajet Pro offers 30% more efficiency, tougher housing, new controllers, wireless comms and a new 2.4" display.

And of course, you still get all that in an incredibly small package just 43cm long, 8cm diameter and only 3.7kg in weight!


Introducing the Scubajet Pro!

The Scubajet Pro has been designed to offer propulsion to divers or vessels from SUPs to dinghys through the use of innovative adapters and controllers

Whether it's the ultra-manoeuvrable dual hand controller, the single hand diver handle or the SUP/dinghy remote control, the Scubajet Pro has got you covered!

The fully variable output allows you to choose the speed and runtime you need, with the display keeping you fully informed every step of the way.

With a maximum power output of 1000w giving 20kg of thrust, you've got plenty of power on hand for the most demanding situations.

Note: as at 31-Mar-2020, the dual hand controller is available NOW and the dive handle and remote control are coming soon.

The Scubajet Pro comes in two sizes

The power is the same, but you can choose the runtime which suits your needs best

The same motor unit can be connected with a battery tube which fits either a 200Wh battery (up to 2 hours runtime) or a 400Wh battery (up to 4 hours runtime).

Coming soon is a splittable, airplane-friendly battery configuration which will allow you to travel with either a 200Wh or 400Wh setup.

The Scubajet Pro is for divers

The Scubajet Pro is the smallest dive scooter on the market!

Note: as at 31-Mar-2020, the dual hand controller is available NOW and the dive handle is coming soon.

The Scubajet Pro is for stand up paddlers

The Scubajet Pro can easily attach to any SUP with a US finbox/longboard finbox or a Slidein finbox usually found on inflatable SUPs

Just attach the Scubajet Pro to a finbox adapter and slide the finbox adapter into the SUP finbox.

Attach the controller to your wrist or paddle, and away you go!

Note: as at 31-Mar-2020, the remote control is coming soon.

The Scubajet Pro is for everyone!

Whether you want to use it for diving, SUPing, snorkeling, freediving or as a propulsion device for just about any watercraft out there - or all of the above - the Scubajet Pro can do it all!

The many possible applications are only limited by your imagination!

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Max Speed
Up to 11kph (dive)
Avg Session
Up to 2 hours (200Wh) or 4 hours (400Wh)
Max Power
500w (NEO) - 1000w (PRO)
Size 43cm L x 8cm W, weight 3.7kg (200Wh)
Dive Dual Hand Controller, Dive Single Hand Controller, Cable Dive Controller, SUP Remote Control, finbox adapters, LED light, spare tubes and batteries

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SCUBAJET Dive Package

Shipping very soon!
  • Dual Hand Controller
  • 500W-1000W motor
  • 100Wh-400Wh airplane legal battery
  • 24 Month Warranty


Shipping very soon!
  • Remote control & finbox adapter
  • 500W-1000W Motor
  • 100Wh-400Wh airplane legal battery
  • 24 Month Warranty