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Stand Up paddle

Motorize your existing SUP board the electric way

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More power

for individual needs

Stand up paddling has been the trending water sports in the last few years. It’s definitely one of the coolest ways to move on water. SUP improves your balance, strengthens your core and also rewards you with a beautiful vista on a lake, a river or the sea. If you’re in for a little more action on your SUP board, our SCUBAJET PRO is the right choice for you. Our finbox adapters are compatible with many different types of SUP boards and SCUBAJET can be used as motor for your SUP in a second.

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The next generation

of water sports

The eco-friendly jet engine is based on an emission free motor and like an e-bike for the water. This is the latest generation of water jets and dive scooters and the SCUBAJET uses impeller technology instead of conventional propulsion systems without any compromises in performance. The 360° water intake guarantees optimal efficiency and turns every water sports equipment in high performance gear.

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SJ PRO SUP Package

Motorize your SUP within seconds! Take your existing SUP and extend it with our highly efficient aqua scooter. Just replace the fin and extend your board with the SCUBAJET PRO. Your SUP gets a velocity boost of up to 11 km/h (~7 mph). Depending on the speed level, the 200 wh battery lasts up to 2 hours, the 400 wh battery lasts up to 4 hours. We provide two different battery options: 200wh and 400wh. Coming soon, airplane legal batteries are perfect for travelling the world with the SCUBAJET due to being comprised of multiple 100wh modules which can be taken as hand luggage on airplanes.

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Stand up paddling is THE most popular and trending water sport these days. Motorized paddle boards are the next big thing. Add motor power to your existing boards to get an extra kick to the sports activities. SCUBAJET is the most powerful underwater scooter and assists while paddling in order to overcome longer distances.

SCUBAJET is like using an electric bike for the water. On the one hand it’s a reliable companion when the weather conditions change or you run out of muscle power. One the other hand it helps you to relax or even catch up with a group without getting exhausted.

The SCUBAJET PRO is suitable for beginners and well-advanced water sports enthusiasts. Motorize your SUP today.


SJ200: 3.7 kg
SJ400: 4.9 kg


SJ200: 42cm x 8cm dia
SJ400: 58cm x 8cm dia

Battery options

200Wh non-airplane
400Wh non-airplane
(airplane ready batteries coming soon)


US Finbox/SlideIn Adapter


200Wh: 3 hours
400Wh: 6 hours
1000 charge cycles

Standard inclusions

SCUBAJET motor unit, tube, battery, finbox adapter, remove controller PRO bundle including mounting set, nose cone or LED light, battery charger, accessories


SJ200: 1kg negative


2 years

Dive controller

Not included with SUP Package, available separately

LED light/nose cone options

No light (included)
500 Lumens LED light (option)
1500 Lumens LED light (option)

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Remote Controller PRO

Stepless speed control

The stepless wireless remote control allows you to switch between a super relaxing tour and an exciting adventure trip within seconds. The display shows exactly how long the battery will last and what speed you choose. The SCUBAJET PRO is a gamechanger as getting out motorized on the water has never been more comfortable. This makes every SUP trip even more safer and convenient. You are able to use your SCUBAJET PRO on every kind of SUP or inflatable SUP. Our included mounting set provides lots of possibilities to fix the remote control.

Scubajet Pro SUP Remote Controller
Scubajet Pro Finbox Adapter
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Easy handling

that gives you a head start

Mounting your SCUBAJET PRO to your finbox takes just a few seconds. For easy handling on your SUP, we provide the Remote Controller PRO Bundle and US Finbox and SlideIn Finbox Adapters. Our adapter system is a most versatile plug and play solution on the market. You are able to use your SCUBAJET PRO on every kind of SUP or inflatable SUP or other water sports devices. Hence, it’s more than just an electric SUP.

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Smart power technology

Our lithium-Ion batteries are highly efficient and you can easily exchange them for charging.

  • 200 wh batteries – up to 2 hours runtime
  • 400 wh batteries – doubles the runtime up to 4 hours
  • Smart power technology provides a long lasting battery lifetime
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Extensive possibilities

with the LED light

The optional 500 or 1500 Lumen high-tech LED light in front of our innovative water jet is a practical companion to stay out in the water during your SUP trip, canoe, kayak or dinghy. The LED light guarantees a safe nightly trip on the water and makes every tour to an unforgettable experience.