The dive edition

The SJ PRO Dive Package presents still the smallest dive scooter on the market

The SCUBAJET PRO dive edition convinces with a precise and reliable aluminium housing and its brand new Dive Controller PRO Dual Hand, that makes every dive even more exciting. Due to the 2.4” (6cm) display, all necessary informations to make the dive trip safer than ever before. Besides the remaining runtime and dive depth, also the temperature, LED light indicator and power consumption are visible directly on the controller.

Fits in every backpack

While conventional underwater scooters are often unwieldy and weight between 15-30 kg (40-60 lbs), the SCUBAJET PRO dive scooter convinces with only 3.7 kg (8.1 lbs) and fits in every bag. It’s the most versatile alternative to existing diver propulsion vehicles and aqua scooters.

The next generation

of water sports

The eco-friendly jet engine is based on an emission free motor and like an e-bike for the water. This is the latest generation of water jets and dive scooters and the SCUBAJET uses impeller technology instead of conventional propulsion systems without any compromises in performance. The 360° water intake guarantees optimal efficiency and turns every water sports equipment in high performance gear.

SJ PRO Dive Package

The brand new SCUBAJET Pro Dive Edition is all you need to boost your next dive, snorkeling or swimming trip. The SCUBAJET PRO channels your inner James Bond and it generates 20kg (44 lbs.) of thrust while you’ll get a velocity boost of up to 11 km/h (7mph). We provide two different battery options: 200 and 400wh. The airplane legal batteries are perfect for travelling the world with the SCUBAJET due to being comprised of multiple 100wh modules which can be taken as hand luggage on airplanes.

2.208,00€ – 2.928,00€

1.750,00€ – 2.470,00€


Conventional dive scooters are often big and bulky. Above all, the SCUBAJET PRO convinces with a streamlined appearance and only 4 kg including the brand new Dive Controller PRO Dual Hand. The integrated display system shows all important information like power consumption, dive depth, temperature and battery runtime viewable directly on the controller.

The SCUBAJET Pro provides a fully new experience while diving, snorkeling and swimming. The SCUBAJET is constructed for dives up to 60m / 196 ft. It’s the lightweight and handy alternative to existing diver propulsion vehicles without compromising in performance.

The Scuba edition is ready within seconds by connecting the dive adapter on the engine. At the same time, one of the biggest advantages for scuba diving is that batteries can be exchanged very easily. Most regular diver propulsion vehicles need to be recharged as a whole, so you can’t use them in the meantime. By taking a spare battery with you, you’re ready to use the SCUBAJET right away for a second dive.


SJ200: 3.7 kg


SJ200: 42cm x 8cm dia
SJ400: 58cm x 8cm dia

Battery options

200Wh airplane legal
400Wh airplane legal


Dive Controller PRO Dual Hand


200Wh: 3 hours
400Wh: 6 hours
1000 charge cycles

Standard inclusions

SCUBAJET motor unit, tube, dual dive controller, nose cone or LED light, battery charger, accessories


SJ200: 1kg negative

Dive depth



2 years

Remote controller

Not included with Dive Package

LED light/nose cone options

No light (included)
500 Lumens LED light (option)
1500 Lumens LED light (option)

Dive Controller PRO
Dual Hand


Smart power technology

SCUBAJET’s lithium-Ion batteries are highly efficient and you can easily exchange them for charging.

  • 200 wh batteries – up to 2 hours runtime
  • 400 wh batteries – doubles the runtime up to 4 hours
  • Smart power technology provides a long lasting battery lifetime

Extensive possibilities

with the LED light

Use the optional high-tech LED light in front of our innovative water jet for underwater lighting during the next dive. The LED light is available in two different luminosities, whereas the basic version has 500 lumen. If you need more Lumen, especially for diving, upgrade now to the 1.500 lumen LED light. Using the lamp without the engine unit is also proofed for a depth of 60m.