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Kymera Standard Battery Charger

Overnight/standard charger for Kymera batteries


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This battery charger is for a standard Kymera battery.  It is also known as an overnight or slow charger.

The standard charger is excellent for maintaining cell balance and restoring cells which are out of balance due to frequent high current recharging.

It will recharge a battery from reserve to full in 7.5-10 hours.  It is intended as an overnight charger.

It can also be used to rejuvenate out-of-balance batteries which are losing capacity when charged repeatedly on a fast charger, as fast chargers often do not allow the battery management system sufficient time to balance cells effectively.

► Input 220V / 2A

► Output 58.8V/14S/4A or 63.0V/15S/4A

► Custom plug prevents polarity reversal

► Over charge, over temp and short circuit protection

This charger suits Kymera batteries ONLY!

Please ensure that you select the correct version: 14S for most 2018 or earlier Kymeras, 15S is required for 2019+ Kymeras.

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