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Wavez Electric Water Sports Australia


Seagull C1 Sea Scooter

Lefeet Seagull C1 Sea Scooter Features
Lefeet Seagull C1 Sea Scooter Modular Design 3 Modes
Lefeet Seagull C1 Sea Scooter Dual Motor


The Lefeet Seagull C1 is equipped with two 200W motors, delivering impressive thrust underwater.

Its compact and user-friendly modular design ensures a seamless experience, while the dual-motor system guarantees stability and effortless operation.

Two-Speed Gearing

With the inclusion of two speed gears, the C1 enables you to switch between speeds of 1.3m/s and 1.6m/s, ideal for exploring depths of up to 30 meters beneath the surface.

Lefeet Seagull C1 Sea Scooter Two-Speed Gearing
Lefeet Seagull C1 Sea Scooter Lightwight, Durable, Dependable

Lightweight, Durable, Dependable

Weighing just 3kg, the C1 is remarkably lightweight, making it effortlessly portable wherever you go.

Despite its compact size, this water scooter harnesses the power of an efficient BLDC motor, ensuring reliability and robust performance.

Replaceable Battery

Battery life: 30 to 60 minutes based on your choice of speed setting.

Quickly replace the battery with a spare in mere seconds.

Compliant with air travel regulations (2 additional batteries are allowed in your carry-on luggage).

Lefeet Seagull C1 Sea Scooter Replaceable Airline Compliant Battery
Lefeet Seagull C1 Sea Scooter GoPro Compatibility

GoPro Compatibility

The built-in camera mount on the C1 allows for easy attachment of your GoPro, capturing unforgettable moments underwater effortlessly.

Seemless Wireless Control

Experience the convenience of one-click simple pairing with the C1's wireless control system.

Enjoy unparalleled ease and precision in maneuvering your water scooter.

Lefeet Seagull C1 Sea Scooter Seemless Wireless Control
Lefeet Seagull C1 Sea Scooter Dive Gear Backpack

Custom Lefeet C1 Dive Gear Backpack

This optional C1 accessory has been purpose-made to maximise the protection of your C1, while giving you a place to store everything you'll need for a memorable day on the water.

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