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Awake Rävik S Electric Jet Surfboard


The Awake RÄVIK S suits a rider who is looking for an intense, adrenaline-pumping experience that enables dynamic use, no matter if you are hitting the waves for a jumping session or looking to carve around the buoys in your custom made track on the lake. The Awake RÄVIK S is turning heads this Summer.

Awake Rävik S Electric Jet Surfboard


The Award-winning Awake RÄVIK ONE is perfect for riders who are looking for excitement and fun with friends and family. The wide tail and sharp edges of the Awake RÄVIK ONE provides a stable and high-performance experience to anyone who is looking for a great ride without compromising stability and ease-of-use.

Awake Rävik One Electric Jet Surfboard

Customer testimonials

Awake Rävik One Electric Jet Surfboard

“The Awake boards are immensely popular across the entire age range of valued guests on board; whether they were beginners or more experienced users, the impact was the same. The boards were fully reliable, quick to charge and easy for us to maintain. The Owners team are delighted we made this choice for them.”

– Captain Paul Bessant, M/Y PAPA

“I love wind-powered water sports, where you play gently with nature, but the perfect ride requires perfect sea and wind conditions, which are rare to catch in a busy life. Awake boards give you the same exhilarating experience of planing noiselessly thru the waves any time anywhere. Priceless.”

– Gian Paolo Bassi, CEO SolidWorks

Awake Rävik One Electric Jet Surfboard
Awake Rävik One Electric Jet Surfboard

“Being a surfboard shaper and avid surfer, I’m always looking for ways to keep me in the water. Even on the smallest days, the Awake RÄVIK ONE is so much fun to ride. It is crazy fast and will get your adrenaline going in no time. Lately, I’ve been using the Awake board to do some tow ins with regular surfboards. Unlike a jet ski where you have to launch at a boat ramp and have limited areas where you can tow at, I can just throw the Ravik in the back of my car and take it with me where ever I go.”

– Glenn Pang, Town & Country Surf, Hawaii

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About Awake

The story:

Becoming Awake

Awake is a technology leading electric surfboard manufacturer delivering an unmatched riding experience to sports enthusiasts all over the world. Awake’s products are developed to engage and excite no matter experience or background.

Awake’s vision

ZERO EMISSION PERFORMANCE — A simple phrase that grasps the focus and embodies the drive of the entire team at Awake. By combining cutting edge technology with sustainable development and market leading performance, they firmly believe that Awake will not only push the niche market that is motorised surfboards, but the whole marine industry forward.

Awake’s mission

Awake is made up of a diverse, driven and forward-thinking team of engineers, manufacturing professionals and entrepreneurial minds. The mission is to reactivate a market clinging to outdated technology that provides less power and efficiency while only contributing noise, pollution and a constant need for maintenance.

Awake Rävik One Electric Jet Surfboard

Awake is synonymous with performance, electrotechnology, power and precision. The resolute focus on high-quality engineering and Scandinavian design is what sets Awake’s products apart. Developing the systems necessary to present an unrivaled user experience has required diligent attention to every detail of the exterior design as well as electrical and mechanical engineering.

Awake utilizes cutting-edge technology in every step; from development to manufacturing in order to deliver precision, power and agility in each product. Manufacturing takes place in their state-of-the-art production facility in Limhamn, Sweden.

Awake Isel
Awake Rävik One Electric Jet Surfboard

Awake’s products prove the statement that great performance and great design belong together. Their customers understand and appreciate high-performance products that meet stringent visual and technical demands due to precise and efficient design. Simply put, Awake creates products that redefine the perception of performance mobility.

Being Awake means relentlessly pursuing the forefront of technology and pushing the envelope of what extreme sports enthusiasts think of as possible.

Stay Awake!