Affiliate Program Overview

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  • Free to join!
  • Use your unique affiliate code for referrals
  • Use our online dashboard to track your commissions
  • Make up to $1450 commission on a single sale!
  • Just send us a customer - that's all!


Yes!  We will pay commission on all product sales.

We pay commissions 30 days after products have been delivered.

Obviously, you’ll make the largest commission on jet board sales – and they can be the easiest to sell!

No, we welcome referrals from anyone!

Sure!  Consider your affiliate code a cashback offer on any full price product on the website!

For most items on the website, you’ll receive a 5% commission.

That’s a HUGE commission for jet board referrals – you can make up to $1450 from a single referral!!

We pay a 2.5% commission on SALE items, as we have already discounted them significantly and the margins don’t allow a full commission.  We recommend focussing on referring business on new, full price products.  That’s what works best for all of us!

Visit the page https://www.wavez.com.au/affiliate-area to register.

Make sure you review the agreement first, located here: https://wavez.com.au/legals#affiliate 

Once we receive your registration and approve your account, you can start earning commissions!

Just remember, it’s very important that you always represent the products accurately and honestly. You can use any data, images or videos off our website.

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