About Us

Wavez is a retail and wholesale business based in Sydney, Australia, specialising in the world’s best electric jet surfboards, shortboards, longboards, body boards, standup paddle boards and dive scooters.

We’re all about having great fun on the water with the world’s most exciting electric watercraft 🙂

We love the sun, the surf, the sand and our planet.  We’re passionate about bringing you great fun products to help you create memorable experiences on the water, without negatively impacting the planet.

Wavez is excited to be able to bring you the best electric jet boards on the market, like the Kymera Body Board, Onean Boards range including the Carver, Carver X, Carver Twin d Manta, the versatile Scubajet dive scooter and the exciting backflip-capable Awake RÄVIK range of boards.

We pride ourselves on our great customer service.  Things can go wrong but you can rest assured that we are there to support you all the way 🙂

What our customers say about our great service

Electric vehicles are everywhere now, and the electric watercraft industry is taking off too!  We can now offer great alternatives to petrol-powered and human-powered watercraft.  Our products consume fewer resources to manufacture, store, transport and operate.  That saves everyone time and money, and helps to save the planet!

We’re excited about the developments being made every day in renewables and in battery technology, and we know that as this technology improves, our watercraft will be ready to incorporate it.  Our products have been designed with the future in mind, with removable batteries and upgradeable hardware and software.

We’re also excited about the developments our suppliers are making, with continuous improvements across their existing range, and the addition of new products using interchangeable parts.  That’ll mean one battery type and one charger type for your body board or any new product on the horizon like a kayak, surfboard and even a twin jet personal watercraft!

It’s been wonderful to see hire operators working to clean up and improve the environments in which they operate.  Not only does this help protect local wildlife, but it attracts more wildlife to the area and people to the water.  Fantastic!

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We look forward to seeing you on the water!

Grahame Ewins

Director, Wavez